Show me some skin!

I picked up my first cone of henna in June 2008 and have been discovering this simple, organic artform ever since. I've been blessed to be invited to henna friends for celebrations, trips, outings with friends and partners, and every time I can get someone to hold still! I'm looking forward to sharing the beauty of henna with you.

What is henna?

Henna (lawsonia inermis) is a plant that grows in desert areas around the world. No one culture can claim henna as their very own as it grows in several places and has been heavily integrated into those cultures. Morocco, North Africa, India, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, and many other countries have rich histories colored in henna, from body decorations, use of the cooling effects of henna over the body, dying fabric, wool and other textiles.

The henna plant has a dye that is released when mixed into a paste. This paste leaves a stain on skin that can last up to several weeks. The paste is applies to the skin using many types of tools, from sticks, cones, bottles, brushes, etc. After the paste falls off, a bright orange stain is left behind which oxidizes over the next couple of days into a red-brown design on the skin. Eventually this design will exfoliate away.

I buy fresh henna powder from reputable sources and mix my own paste with essential oils of lavendar and cajeput, molasses, sugar, chai tea or lemon juice. Never use henna from an artist who will not reveal their ingredients, or who simply doesn't know what is in their paste. "Black" henna is adulterated with dyes and chemicals meant to leave a dark stain faster than natural henna. Many people have been burned and even scarred by this chemically adulterated henna. Just say no to black henna!

What happens during an appointment?

I will usually wipe the area where you want your design with a baby wipe to remove skin oils, lotions and other barriers that get in the way of the henna stain. I may draw light lines on your skin with a watercolor pencil which easily wipe away with water and will not affect your henna design.

I will apply the henna using a cone of henna. This does not hurt; the paste lies right on top of your skin until it flakes away. After the design dries I might spray lemon juice mixed with sugar over your design to help to glue it down to the skin. The longer the paste is on your skin, the better the stain! I like to do this a couple of times which means that there is some drying time involved. After the design is fully dry, I will tape up your design or apply cotton to it to help keep the paste on your skin and protect your clothing. The photo below shows skin with the henna paste flaked off and oxidized for 24 hours, and the other hand with the paste still on.

Henna is a wonderful way to celebrate!

Babyshowers & Mother Blessings
• Birthday parties
• Ladies Night
• Milestones & Accomplishments
• A gift for a loved one or friend
• Fundraisers & Festivals


Private Appointments in your home

Per hour rate

2- hours (recommended)

Pregnant belly henna

I recommend a two-hour appointment as it takes time to choose a design, apply the henna and seal it properly for the best color, and discuss aftercare. I will bring henna, design books, glitter, sealant and after care instructions.

Pregnant bellies require a two hour appointment in order to properly apply the design and seal it for the best color. Please dress comfortably and whenever possible, set up your appointment for an evening when you can sleep all night with your henna paste on for best results.

Parties & Events

Single Artist, unlimited designs

I will come to your event with henna, design books, glitter, and sealant. You will provide a space with two seats,
a table and ample lighting. The appointment time begins when I arrive and anytime over the agreed upon hours will be billed in 15 minute increments of $15 each.

If you're having a party and are concerned about the price of having henna at your event, consider having the participants chip in a smaller amount toward the hourly rate. This allows everyone to have an unlimited amount of henna rather than being limited by design. This works great for ladies nights and mother blessings!

Fundraising Opportunities

50% of profits go to the organization

Henna is a fabulous fundraiser for your event! Not only will I show up fully prepared to henna your attendees, I will help promote
your event on my Facebook page to drive people to your event. Let your audience know that there will be a henna artist and together we can bring in some extra cash for your event!

~ Please click here to see a slide show of my most recent work. ~


'After receiving henna from Kristina, I feel so beautiful, adorned and blessed. Her artistic ability is amazing, but more than that, it is her heart shining through that makes it truly divine.' - Cyndi Hawkins, LMP

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